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[Fanfic] + [Fanart] - 'Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling)' 3/4

I drew that scene from the second chapter and my dear  akunose  colored it! I have no bloody idea about coloring


Title: Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling) 3/4

Character(s): Prussia, Germany, Germania, Rome, France, Spain

Rating: 13+

Warnings: language, sexual themes, mentioned violence, AU, human names

Summary: It’s easy having a younger sibling? Lies. At least that’s what Gilbert thinks. But only sometimes.

- Chapter 3 - (Unfortunate Witness)

He was greeted by a familiar, smiling brunette.

 “Good evening, Gerhart.”

 The blonde let the pause last for few more seconds before giving a reply.


Not even the bright smile coming from the other man made the blonde change the blank expression.

Remus cleared his throat and offered yet another smile, the message was obvious.

 Never hiding his dissatisfaction, Gerhart opened the door wider after a few moments, quietly inviting the guest inside.

 The brunette was polite enough to wait for the door to be closed again before heading towards the living room of the known house.

 “I won’t disturb you for long, I only came to apologize.” Remus announced as he sat on the couch where Gilbert and Ludwig have been sleeping until few minutes ago, waiting for Gerhart to turn the lights on.

 The blonde took a seat across of him.

 “Apologize?” Gerhart asked calmly as he threaded a lock of hair just above the right ear between his fingers and drew them through the rest of the hair, towards the very tip, until the long strands slipped from the fingertips – a habit of his when he felt exhausted. He didn’t notice Remus following his movements.

 “Gilbert perhaps told you,“ The brunette began, sounding mildly confused all of a sudden,“Well, about what happened – I didn't know. Actually, I was out of the house at that moment, Romano told me much later...“ He chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood,“I still can't believe he came all the way here alone.“

 The brunette threw an arm over the cushy rest, making himself comfortable, and gave the blonde man a look. A look, Gerhart thought half-amused, whose meaning he knew very well.

 The other man was shamelessly ogling him in this very moment.

 "I cannot follow, Remus.“ He answered frankly, the corner of his mouth quirked up, creating a tiny smile. He himself wasn't entirely sure what he was doing there. Sure, he knew (as if his son's constant reminders weren't a clue enough) that Remus had a thing for him, but he was more or less digging his own grave right now by flirting back.

 The look of mild surprise on the other's features entertained him, but Remus didn't let himself be confused for long and grinned at the blonde's uncharacteristic behavior.

 Seriously, what was he thinking?

 "Ah, seems like Ludwig got a little dirty while playing with Feli, so he left us earlier than expected without my consent. I apologize for being so careless...“

 Gerhart couldn't decide if the urge to laugh was stronger than the one to slap his own forehead.

 First of all, Gilbert had lied to him as he called to tell that everything was alright. On top of that, he didn't inform he wasn't leaving. But as he seemed to have taken care of everything that happened, Gerhart could forgive.

 And then there was Remus, the man whose maturity he questioned more than once, but the one who managed to always get under his skin, amuse him, intrigue him and – as sappy as it sounded – make him smile.

 The one who made him think of sex again.


 The fact that even a word referring to his own son sounded provocative when coming from Remus's filthy mouth too.

 "I'll talk to them tomorrow, they're sleeping.“ Gerhart informed and stood up from the sofa. "Do you want a drink?“

 Remus's interest perked up at this. No wonder, he thought he'd be shooed out by the other man, an offer to stay longer was the last thing he expected.

 "Yeah, thanks.“ Instead of remaining to sit there, he strolled after Gerhart, following him to the bar and kitchen.

 "Water? Wine? Beer?“ The blonde questioned while walking towards the fridge, sliding a hand through his hair again.

 "Wine sounds good.“ Remus's voice appeared to be very near. Too near if you asked the blonde male, and what he felt next didn't surprise him as much as it should have.

 A big hand found itself in his hair – no doubt who the intruder was – and repeated what he did only a second ago. He came to a halt, almost causing Remus to bump into him, turning back rigidly to look at the handsome brunette.

 Probably having expected such a reaction, Remus only smirked in response and stood there, looking back and forth between the blue eyes in front of him, trying to detect any trace of ire caused by his gesture.

 "I've always wanted to try that.“ Once the act has been done and the truth spoken, Remus's mind wandered off to reminiscence about the feel of the long, blonde hair under his fingers. It was softer than he imagined.

 "Don't do it.“ Gerhart warned. The truth was that he enjoyed in having his hair touched, but the brunette didn't need to know that.

 As soon as he turned to face the kitchen again, Remus's heavy weight came crushing against his own body, only a hand wrapped around his waist prevented him from colliding with the fridge.

 What in hell was the idiot trying to pull?

 If Gerhart wasn't mistaking, the brunette made a clumsy attempt on pinning him.

 "Remus.“ He hissed back, painfully aware of how good it felt to have the other's body pressed so close. He caught a whiff of Remus's cologne – combined with his exhaustion and the secure grip on his body, it made him feel pleasantly dizzy for a short moment. The next time Remus spoke, his tone was completely changed. Incomparably serious, yet... seductive?

 "Don't fool around with me, I'm not an idiot.“ The breathy voice above his ear made him bite his lip. Eyes closed on their own as he waited for Remus to say more. He was willing to surrender if the other gave him a good reason to do so.

"We haven't' got an eternity, Gerhart. Time will pass quickly, the children are growing up, they'll leave sooner than you can imagine...“

 Funny how the brunette loved to jump from one topic to another. Blue eyes snapped open, he didn't like the sudden seriousness and austerity coming from the brunette – it didn't suit him at all. Though it seemed Remus's actions went along the lines 'Desperate times call for desperate measures'.

 "I'm a widower too, no one can understand you better, I'm sick of waiti−"

 Gerhart never let him finish.

 He turned around and did something he wanted for quite some time.

 Their lips met in a rough kiss.

*   *   *

 Gilbert scratched the back of his neck and yawned somnolently, almost missing the last stair on his way to the kitchen where he planned to still the need for water.

 Just as another yawn threatened to escape him, he stopped in mid-motion, surprised by a strange sound coming from the other side of the living room.

 The door was closed.

 But the sounds could clearly be heard.

 And it wasn’t really the sounds that shocked him, the realization of what kind of sounds did.

 His jaw hung open as he stared at the closed door in darkness.

 Another groan reached his ears – as if the other noises weren’t bad enough – and he recognized the voice, much to his regret. No doubt, it was Remus.

 “Eeeew! Dad!?” Gilbert mouthed the words and made a disgusted face at the thought of his parent currently fucking their family friend in the living room.

 Screw the water – what if they woke Ludwig up!?

 Covering his ears in frustration and shame, he dashed upstairs again to get his phone, a string of curses leaving his mouth like mantra.

 In less than few seconds, his friend’s phone was ringing. He didn’t even wait for the other person to speak first.

“Francis! My dad is having sex!” He began in a hushed tone, keeping the volume just above a whisper.

 On the other side of the line, the said blonde pulled the mobile phone away from his ear and looked at the screen again, checking the caller ID.

Gilbert?” He asked incredulously.

“And you know what’s the worst – seems like he can longer than the awesome me!” Gilbert carried on, accompanying his complaints with a fake sob, “And I’m sure it’s Remus, I just heard them – good Lord, I almost walked in on them – they’re so loud…”

I do that sometimes as well…” Francis told him through a short but amused laugh.

 Gilbert scowled.

“What, you organize orgies to scare your children?” It was hard to tell if he was trying to be funny or banter with his friend for not helping him.

No, sometimes when I have people over, they tend to be very loud and my neighbours─“

Aaarhhh! It was a rhetorical question!” He face-palmed and rubbed the abused skin in circular movements, feeling helpless. The grip increased only a second later, nails leaving marks on his forehead as he tried to block out another moan coming from downstairs.

 He’s never looking at Remus with the same eyes again…

 "Where are you? What are you doing right now?“ He inquired, thinking about how to get out of the mess before they wake Ludwig up.

 "At home alone. Watching a film.“

 There was a long pause. Gilbert thanked God he didn't have to listen to more noises in the meantime. At least his father wasn't as loud.

 "Alright, who are you and what have you done to my best friend?“

 The amused voice on the other end of the line laughed.

 "You know, Gilbert, strictly between ourselves, I think it was about damn time your dad got laid.“

 "Francis! You're no fucking help at all!“ The blonde whined pathetically into the earphone, inwardly wondering why his friend was already home.

 More laughter followed.

 "How about you come over?

*   *   *

Ludwig frowned as someone shook his shoulder lightly, waking him up for the second time that night.

 “Ludwig, wake up… wake up…” Gilbert kept whispering until he was sure he got his brother’s full attention. The cover was thrown aside too, urging the boy to stand up.

 “Dad is busy─” He stopped there. What a stupid sentence.

 How was he supposed to explain to an innocent child what kind of perversities were going on in their house?

 The younger blonde stared back with a confused gaze, looking utterly lost.

 “We’re going to Francis right now. You be a good boy and cover your ears for me when we get downstairs, okay?”

Ludwig gave an almost inconspicuous nod, azure eyes widened in wonder and curiosity. For a second, he reminded Gilbert on a porcelain doll.

He made sure the car-keys and the phone were in his pocket, took a pair of trousers for Ludwig to change in the morning and led them outside as quickly as he managed.

*   *   * 

“Yo.” Gilbert greeted quickly when Francis unlocked the door for them, holding his jacket and other belongings on one hand and lugging Ludwig along with the other one that the blonde held tightly with his little fingers.

 “Hey.” Francis shot back. “Welcome to my humble place.” The teen added as he showed them in. “I’ve prepared the bed for him and I have the couch for you, unless you’re sleeping together.”

 “We’ll share, no problem…” Gilbert answered, looking the long-haired blonde closely. Something about Francis’s outer appearance bugged him greatly.

 “Umm… care to explain why you’ve got a…” He pointed at his own eye for emphasis, “Is that a black eye?”

 Francis gave a vague shrug. “I’ll tell you after you put him to the bed if you want.”


*   *   *

 “So?” Gilbert inquired as he wrapped his fingers around the warm cup of le chocolat chaud Francis made them.

 “Ah, well, nothing much to explain actually… It was Romano.” Francis informed while scratching the short beard on his chin.

 “I suspected that. Why though?” Gilbert asked and took a sip of the warm drink, the senses enjoying in the rich chocolate flavor .

 “I kissed Antonio.”

 And almost spat it out.

 “You what?”

 “Perhaps I should explain first─“

 “You total idiot – how could you do that in front of him, I have no sympathy for you at all.” Gilbert coughed a little and shook his head in disbelief.

 “No, no, you don’t understand, mon ami – I did it because Romano could see us. You see, ‘Tonio was complaining at how he was being ignored, and I simply offered help to attract Romano’s attention. That is all…” Francis chuckled at the memory of what happened in the bar.

 “Is it now…?” His guest cocked an eyebrow before taking another sip, clearly not believing him.

 Francis took a minute or two to answer.

 “Maybe it lasted longer than it should have?” He offered and Gilbert rolled his eyes in return, “Oh, mon Dieu, he wasn’t protesting and the kiss was good, so…” The attempt of justification ended up in causing the Beilshmidt to move the cup away and literally bang his forehead against the table.

 “Why do people insist on giving me mental scars tonight?” He groaned.

 “Are you judging me for that?“

 Gilbert titled his head up to look at his friend, chin leaned against the wooden surface.

 "Oh shut up, Francis, I've known you since forever. Now tell me how you ended up with a black eye.“

 Francis gave a laugh at that.

 "Well, someone pulled me back by the collar – it was Romano, I realized later – turned me around and landed a punch... I believe he aimed at my nose, but it was dark and everything happened too quick. I'm lucky he didn't break anything.“

 Gilbert almost felt bad for laughing at his friend, but the more vivid the images in his head got the harder it was to control himself and fight against the forthcoming fits of laughter.

 "And Antonio? Did he survive?“ He managed between the surpassed chuckles.

 "I have no idea... The next time I looked around, he was gone. Romano too.“  

*   *   *

 The dial tone sounded too loud to his own ear in the silence of the bedroom where Gilbert listened to Ludwig’s even breathing while sitting on the bed beside the sleeping boy.

His lips formed a smile as he brushed few strands falling in front of the blonde's eyes away, making him shift in his sleep. Three more rings before someone finally answered.


 "Hey, I'm over at Francis', will explain you tomorrow – just wanted to ask you something...“

 He heard Antonio give a yawn on the other side of the line and the smile widened before he continued speaking.

 "I heard from our dear Francis here that you ended up with that brat again?“

 The first answer he became was a short chuckle.

 “But, Gil, that foul mouth of his can do such wooo~nderful things…

 At last then, Gilbert sincerely considered undergoing a process of brain-bleach.

 “Man… I totally didn’t want to hear that.” He wanted to whine again, but ended up covering his face for the nth time that day. “Well anyway… why are you whispering?”

 “Roma is sleeping.”

 “Oh.” The blonde retorted eloquently, causing Antonio to give yet another chuckle.

 “Talk to you later then.” Gilbert said quickly and ended the call.

 He stared at the bright screen of the phone absently until the light went off and he found himself in darkness again.

With a sigh, he put the device away and laid beside the younger blonde, facing him. Only a minute or two later, Ludwig shifted closer upon sensing his warmth and Gilbert had to find a more comfortable position, slipping one hand under the boy’s neck as not to hinder the blood-flow and took a deep breath again.

 He fell asleep after few more minutes, exhausted from the eventful day, the sensation of Ludwig’s warm breath caressing his neck being the last thing he felt before drifting off to the dreamland.

 To Be Continued…

 A/N: The next chapter is the last one. I tried to make this one as short as possible, hope I didn’t disappoint… -___-


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