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[Fanfic] 'Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling)'

Title: Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling) 2/4

Character(s): Prussia, Germany, Germania, France, Spain

Pairing(s): Germania/Rome, Spain/Romano

Rating: 13+

Warnings: young!Germany, language, alcohol, AU, human names

Summary: It’s easy having a younger sibling? Lies. At least that’s what Gilbert thinks. But only sometimes.



A/N: I’ve decided! Papa Germania’s human name will be ‘Gerhart’ (found it on a list of old Germanic names). Thank you for all the lovely suggestions!

Also, Rome’s human name will be ‘Remus’. The name was already used and
I asked for permission to use the same name.


- Chapter 2 - (Caring)


 “—and don’t forget to lock the door, Gilbert.”

 “Yeah, yeah…” Said male rolled his eyes and relocated the phone onto the other side, pressing it tight between his shoulder and his ear, buttoning his dark-red shirt.

 “You sound like you’re not listening to me.” His father’s serious voice came from the earphone after a few moments.

 “I’ve got it, dad. I’ll make sure everything is alright, give him a goodnight kiss—” He chuckled at the mere thought, “—and I’ll lock the door. Then I’m leaving. Right?” Gilbert checked his reflection in the hall mirror a last time before heading to the kitchen, pleased with the result. He looked awesome. He always did.

 “Right.”  Gerhart responded, voice laced with annoyance, but he was pleased that Gilbert has grasped the point.  

The teen passed the living room and stopped beside the bar that separated the room from the kitchen where two other males were sitting, drinking and having some snacks.

 Gilbert heard a rustling sound on the other end of the line, Gerhart spoke.  

 “It’s seven o’clock now. He should be there in about an hour.  I will call Remus  later if I manage.”

 “Dad, seriously, don’t get your knickers in a twist. It’s not the first time he’s over at Feli’s, everything’s fine.” Gilbert assured. He leaned an elbow onto the bar pane and opened his mouth wide, gesturing to the other blond in the room to throw a peanut inside.

 Francis’s first attempt failed, the peanut bounced against Gilbert’s chin and fell onto the floor, making Antonio chuckle at their actions. The second one landed directly in Gilbert’s mouth though and Francis winked at him with a triumphant smile.

 “I’ll call you if anything strange happens. I’m hanging up now, okay?” Gilbert spoke, munching on the food.

 “Alright. Take care.”

 “’kay.” Gilbert ended the call and put the device flat against the wooden surface.

 Gilbert, Francis and Antonio.

Three friends − best friends − three garrulous eighteen-year-old boys who liked to call themselves The Bad Touch Trio. Considered to be the most popular trio in school, they were also thought to be blithe and bold, even perverted.

Francis without a doubt was, it was hardly a secret. However, the other two didn’t know what they have done to deserve such reputation.

 It was Friday, their favorite day, and time to have fun. In other words, it was time to go out and party, and so they did what they always do. And that is come together before actually going out, have a drink or two, talk, gossip. This ritual was usually taking place at Francis’s apartment since he lived alone, but certain circumstances forced them to change their plans today.

Gilbert had to wait for his brother to return home first and make sure everything is alright. Only then he could leave the house.

 “I thought your father isn’t working night-shifts…” Francis inquired subtly. He mirrored Gilbert and leaned onto the bar.

“He doesn’t. Just filling in for some other guy today.” His friend informed and snatched a handful of peanuts from the ceramic bowl, “Not that he actually minds, with that private life of his… “His voice was dripping with sarcasm. “I doubt he has anything better to do.”

“Now now, don’t be like that, Gil, he has the two of you.” Antonio reminded.

“Ah, I mean other things, Antonio, like… love-life for example. He has nobody, and I’ve told him more than once that Remus is checking him out. He always ignores me though.”

 “Are you serious?” Francis demanded right away, the information being new to him.

 “Yeah, why not man? He’s a widower too.” Gilbert scowled.

 “No, you didn’t get my point, mon cher.” Francis smiled and put a finger on his chin, scratching his short beard. “I didn’t know your father was gay.”

“What does it matter?” Gilbert gave him a look of disbelief, “Hell, half of our school’s probably gay, Francis. Including you.” He added quickly.

“Mhmm.” Antonio nodded in support.

 Francis pursed his lips, waving him off nonchalantly. “Whatever you say. Where were we anyway?”

“Arthur.” Antonio reminded kindly.  

“Ah, yeah. Well, I heard he got terribly drunk last week. He was crying too, or so I’ve heard. True?” Francis glanced at Gilbert, expecting to hear the answer.

“No idea. But with such eyebrows, I’d be crying too.”

Even though both laughed out, Francis decided to defend their current victim.

“I don’t get you, Francis. Why do you even bother? He practically hates you.” Gilbert demanded, watching his friend take a sip of his wine.

“He is mostly well-behaved when drunk, believe me.” Francis placed the glass down and smiled mysteriously. “I think I could even convince him to a foursome––“

 Gilbert silenced him effectively by curling his upper lip in disgust.

 “Now that goes against my standards.” He pointed at the brunette, “And Antonio here is practically married to that bad-tempered brat.”

“But, Gil, Romano isn’t a brat.” Antonio almost whined, “And we’re not married.” He added for a good measure.

“But you wish you were.”

“I do.”

 Gilbert huffed out and smacked the bar with the palm of his hand. Their eyes locked in a stare and Gilbert spoke after a short stare-contest.

“Even if he treats you like trash?”

.” Antonio answered simply, completely confident in his decision.

Gilbert rounded the bar and stepped up to Francis, wound his arm around his shoulder and shook his head with an expression of fake pity.  

“You know, my friend,” He began didactically, “Right after Antonio, you’re the most stupid love-sick-puppy.”

“And you’ll let him get away with that?” Antonio asked, seeing Francis smile.

“Why not? That’s the biggest and most accurate compliment I’ve ever been given, mon ami.”

 Gilbert convulsed with a laughter.

“Not joking.” Francis added. “I’m a man who is practically always in love, there is nothing wrong with that.”

“But, unlike him,“ Gilbert countered, referring to Antonio, “You’re in love with anyone.”

“Again, I fail to see what’s wrong with that. You know my motto—“

“’I fuck, therefore I am’.” Antonio and Gilbert recited in unison.

“I’d rather say ‘make love’ – that is more romantic – but you get the point, oui?”


“So…” Francis began, his tone suddenly veering, “Since we’re going out tonight − who wants one?” He rummaged through his pockets.

“One what?” Gilbert asked, suspicious.

Francis wriggled his eyebrows provocatively, a gesture which always implied something of sexual nature. A package of condoms was revealed, Francis waved it to and fro in front of their eyes teasingly.

No way. Not for me, my friend.” Gilbert refused.

“Why not? I know a five-meters-condom doesn’t exist, but you cannot use it as an excuse − protection comes first, Gil.” Francis joked.

“Ha-ha. Very funny.” Gilbert’s eyes were fixed on him. “You know why. Ever since dad caught me last time— Here, see this.” He took a package of bubblegum out of his pocket and threw it onto the bar.

The other two stared at the item. Antonio seemed utterly confused, Francis spoke up.

“Gilbert, really, you can’t use this as a condom…”

Gilbert made an attempt to swat him on the head, but Francis ducked, laughing.

“No shit, Sherlock.” He sat down again, but didn’t hide his smile nor his flush. “We went shopping this morning and just when I was about to buy condoms, dad appeared out of nowhere. I grabbed the first thing I managed, and ended up with handful of bubblegum.” He emphasized, pulling a face. “Thank God he didn’t suspect anything. I’d be ruined. Don’t want him to fly off the handle like the last time.” Gilbert shuddered at the memory.

“Last time? What was it about?” Antonio mocked. He knew the answer very well.

“Ah, well, you see − nothing special.” He answered in a fake sweet voice. “Apart from the fact that he caused a fucking scandal after finding one box in my room.”

“But it can’t be because of the package itself, can it? It only shows that you are responsible… or something similar.” Francis shrugged.

 Gilbert’s flush deepened. “It’s not that. The real problem was that two were missing.”

“Two?” Antonio cut in, “I though you gave me only one that night?”

 “I did.”

“So where’s the other one?” Francis pressed with obvious interest. “You said you didn’t get any back then, were you lying to us?”

“Of course not.” He pointed at the ceiling, “I made a balloon and gave it to my brother. It’s still in his room.”

Loud laughter spread through the room.

 “And what did he say?” Francis asked.

Gilbert shrugged too. “He doesn’t even know what it is. Dad neither.”

He paused.

“He is so uptight, it should be illegal.” His friends let him spill his heart. “Just look at him – he’s what, thirty-seven? And he’s alone. Something must be done − the sooner the better.”

“Do you want my candid opinion?” Francis asked and took a long sip of his wine. He licked the glass brim afterwards, aware that two pairs of eyes were watching him.

“Francis, stop that. It’s called alcohol abuse.”

 He gave a chuckle, ignoring Gilbert’s words. “He needs to get laid.”

 Gilbert sputtered as the mental images flooded him poor head. “For crying out loud! I hope I won’t be in the house when that happens.”

 The laughter that followed drowned out the sound of the entrance door being opened.

“And here I am asking myself why everybody assumes we’re perverts…”

“That’s because we are.” Francis assured.

“… Brother?” Another voice reached them, sounding like a plea.

It made them stop with the chit-chat. Gilbert turned towards the source, expecting to hear more.

“Ludwig?” He called after several moments, now wondering if he had imagined the voice.

“I-I’m here. In the hall. Can you come here, please…?” Ludwig pleaded quietly.

“It’s alright, you can come in – it’s only Francis and Antonio.” Gilbert encouraged, but didn’t make a move.

Antonio did though, jumping from the stool with a smile – he loved children, it wasn’t a surprise – and ran off to greet the younger blond.

Ludwiii~g!” He cooed. Adorable how the boy acted so shy. “Come in here, don’t be af—“ Antonio stopped in his tracks upon laying eyes on the child.

The whole scene was like a string of stares. Francis watched his blond friend because he couldn’t see Antonio, Gilbert stared at Antonio, confused by his behavior, while Antonio stared at, Gilbert assumed, Ludwig. 

“Uhh… Gilbert?” Antonio switched his gaze to him. “I think you should really come over here.”

Gilbert hurried over in haste, heart beating wildly in his chest, alarmed. The mere suspicion that something might have happened to his brother made him panic.

 He gripped the wooden door frame with a hand, moving Antonio out of his way. “Ludwig, what ha— Jesus Christ… Ludwig?”

Gilbert stared, mouth open, trying to comprehend what happened.

 Francis joined by now, peering over their shoulders to get a better view.

 The first thing obvious was that the little blond was alone. He already took off his shoes and put them aside neatly, but the rest of his clothes seemed soaked and covered in – white.

 He was white all over. His hair was practically white, his face as well, with few speckles of brown on his cheeks and under his left eye, his bright blue eyes standing out like sapphires.

 Ludwig stood there as though frozen, looking intimidated, with a confounded expression on his adorable features, obviously uncomfortable that his intentions failed and that he was discovered in this embarrassing situation.

Making sure that his brother wasn’t injured, merely looking like something the cat dragged in, Antonio, shortly followed by Francis, snickered at the sight. Gilbert himself resisted the urge to join them and crossed the distance, crouching in front of Ludwig.

“Ludwig… what happened?” He said and reached out to embrace him, but the younger Beilschmidt backed off with in a wince and gave Gilbert a look of disbelief.

“What?” Gilbert asked, startled by the action.

“Your clothes will get dirty.” Ludwig stated, making him roll his eyes. Gilbert chose to ignore his reaction and pulled him nearer, wounding his arms around the blond’s mid-section and lifting him up. Ludwig wrapped his legs around Gilbert’s waist with a sound of protest, not comfortable with the fact that he was ruining his brother’s clothes.

“Well, mon ami,” Francis began and went to take his jacket. “Seems like you’ve decided not to join us tonight.”

 Gilbert gave him a cheeky smile in return, knowing that Francis was using the chance to mock him.

 Antonio mimicked and gathered his belongings as well.

“Sorry to tell you this, but you’re not getting any tonight, my friend.“ Francis winked at him and threaded his fingers through his long hair in a flout. Gilbert knew he was only fooling around. They weren’t best friends for nothing.

“Oh yeah?” Gilbert started in a cocky voice, “Well, I don’t give a shi—“

Gilbert!” Antonio cut him off, pointing at Ludwig with a nick.

 Gilbert gave a groan. “Read it from my lips then,” He pressed one hand on the back of Ludwig’s head quickly, forcing him to title his face down as not to see him and mouthed a ‘fuck you’ to Francis. Said teen blew him a kiss in return and opened the door.

 Gilbert saw them out with Ludwig still in his arms, watching them leave. Antonio waved to them with a smile.

“Good luck chasing skirts, you’ll need it. I’ll call ya later!” Gilbert shouted after them and closed the door with his hip.

Ludwig was mouse-quite the entire time while Gilbert carried him to the bathroom and made him sit on the edge of the bathtub. He rummaged through a cabinet in search for a clean towel, telling Ludwig to take his clothes off.

 The younger blonde complied and discarded the dirty clothes, letting them fall beside the tub.

“So, tell me again…” Gilbert began, barely hiding his smile as he re-turned, “How the hell did you end up like this?”

“It’s a long story…” Ludwig informed quietly as he stood in the tub naked.

“We’ve got a lot of time now, don’t we?” Gilbert urged and pulled his sleeves up.

 Ludwig sighed, thinking about where to start. Gilbert turned the water on in the meantime, adjusting it to warm, and started to clean his brother.

“Feliciano wanted to cook. I told him not to, but he wouldn’t listen to me.” Ludwig said, a warm spray of water cleaned off the filth from his arms, “He climbed onto the kitchen counter and he wanted to take something from those cabinets, but he couldn’t reach it. I brought a chair to help him… he tore open a bag of flour which fell right onto my head.” The boy finished in a murmur, causing Gilbert to chuckle.

“And this?” He asked, wiping the brownish stains off of Ludwig’s cheeks with a thumb.

“We had chocolate.” Ludwig murmured again, as if the sentence would explain everything to his brother. Gilbert lifted an eyebrow and pushed Ludwig’s head down, signalizing that he was about to wash his hair.

“And?” Gilbert asked in curiosity, helping him wash his hair, fingers massaging his scalp to get all of the flour out.

“Feliciano spilled a glass of water over me too when he jumped down, and smeared the chocolate all over my face…”

 Gilbert gave another chuckle as he imagined the scene – his confused little brother and a clumsy Feliciano.  He turned the water off, pouring a great amount of shampoo into his palm. Ludwig kept his head titled down, ready to be spoiled.

“What did Remus say? Why didn’t he help you? He could have at least given you other clothes at least.” Gilbert inquired, confused. That was a friendly man, a good father, he doubted Remus would let a child run around the house like this.

 Ludwig didn’t answer for a whole minute and by the time Gilbert noticed his answer was missing, Ludwig’s hair was already cleaned, the white powder now replaced by the odorous foam.

“Ludwig?” Gilbert asked in concern, putting a finger under his chin and titling the adorable features up to face him.

“He… doesn’t now.” The boy uttered out, avoiding his brother’s eyes, staring at the white suds in the bathtub floor instead.

 “What do you mean?” Gilbert frowned. He was getting more and more confused with each passing second.

 Ludwig shrugged at first, waiting for Gilbert to wash out the shampoo, fidgeting.

“I didn’t tell I was leaving. I just left…” He mumbled under his breath, cheeks heating up.

“You came all the way here alone? Afoot? Like this?!” Gilbert’s jaw was probably hanging by now.

 Ludwig gave a nod.

 Gilbert’s laugh started out slowly, insecurely even, before it grew into loud roaring, his strident voice echoing in the bathroom.

 Ludwig pouted, blue eyes glued to the bathtub floor stubbornly.

“… Not funny.” He grumbled, fighting against the smile that threatened to appear on his own lips.

 Full of empathy for his poor little brother, Gilbert forced himself to stop, body shaking with suppressed chuckles. He brushed away the tears that gathered in the corners of his eyes and took the shower handle into his hand again.

 He turned the water on but none came out.

A serious face expression on his face as he tried again, turning the tap-handle to the side, re-turning quickly, but still no water.

Perfect fucking timing.

“Are you serious?” He seemed to be addressing the tap itself. “Are you really serious?” He wanted to swear but controlled himself, replacing it with a safe word. “You got to be kidding me!?” Poor Ludwig look up at the shrill voice.

 They were out of water.

 Gilbert glared daggers at the silvery pipe, like it would answer if he stared long enough.

 It was Ludwig who broke the silence, laughing heartily.

Even though it was him who was in the worst position, hair full of shampoo, he continued laughing at Gilbert’s expression, clutching his naked belly as he convulsed with laughter. Gilbert’s attention switched onto him, he reached out to grab Ludwig’s hand to prevent him from slipping and falling into the tub.

“You little brat…” He whispered and rubbed his eyelids with the back of his free hand, thinking about what to do.

They still had those bottles of water that Gerhart kept in the kitchen for cases like these.

*   *   *

The clock showed half-past nine when Gerhart finally returned home, glad that the work was finally over. He was ready to check up on his younger son and go straight to the bed.

 He locked the door quietly − hopefully Gilbert remembered to take his own keys − took his jacket off, put his briefcase aside. He would return back to take it later. Dim light was coming from the living-room and he strolled over.

He rubbed his eyes quickly, the prickling sensation was annoying, and threw a look inside. Maybe Ludwig fell asleep in front of the TV. What he saw wasn’t unusual but surprised him. The light coming from the device was enough to illuminate the two brothers lying on the couch together, both fallen asleep in their pajamas.

 Gilbert on his back with Ludwig sprawled on top of him due to the lack of space.

 There was another couch free. But Ludwig apparently wanted to sleep next to his big brother.

Gilbert’s hands were locked together, fingers laced, folded under his head on the sofa rest. How he managed to fall asleep in that position with an additional weight on his chest was a mystery for Gerhart.

 A smile stretched across his lips. He came closer, squatted down to press a kiss against Ludwig’s temple and ruffled Gilbert’s hair. As he expected, the older son woke up, squinting up at him.

“Did anything happen? I thought you were going out?” Gerhart whispered.

 Gilbert yawned and gave a vague shrug in return, more asleep than awake, left hand settled on Ludwig’s back to pat him gently.

“Hey… you’re not drooling all over my shirt, are you?” He joked just when someone knocked on the door.

“Go upstairs. And turn the TV off.” Gerhart instructed and went to answer, wondering who dared to disturb him now that he had finally returned home.  

He opened up without bothering to check who was standing outside.

A familiar brunette greeted him, smiling.

“Good evening, Gerhart.”

The blond let the pause last before offering a reply.


 To Be Continued…

 A/N: Only two more chapters for this story. And I won’t make it Germancest either, sorry *hides under a rock*

And that bathroom scene - the same thing happened to me, I swear!  I was washing my hair, turned the water off to use the shampoo and not even a minute later – no water! You can only imagine my expression…


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    I can't believe my only activity here is this cake meme. Well... I've got another one. Other than that, my new semester has begun, and my…

  • (no subject)

    So, I was supposed to go to a holiday to Croatia with my friends in a few days, but my mom is throwing a pissy fit all of a sudden because she just…

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