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[Fanfic] 'Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling)'

Title: Nobody said it was easy (having a sibling) 1/4

Character(s): Prussia, Germany, Germania

Pairing: None

Rating: 13+

Warnings: young!Germany, masturbation, language, AU, human names

Summary: It’s easy having a younger sibling? Lies. At least that’s what Gilbert thinks. But only sometimes.




 - Chapter 1 - (Failed Mission)


Gilbert hummed silently in a complacent tone as he walked away from his bed towards the wooden desk − the bedroom door was on his left − and placed a box of tissues beside the laptop.



 Door locked?


 He rummaged through his backpack in search for the precious DVD Francis gave him last week and found what he was looking for in no time.



The fun could start now.

He clasped his palms together with a snicker and sat onto the chair. Excitement rushed through his chest in expectation – it was a long time since he had some ‘special time’ alone. He was a healthy, eighteen-years-old boy who needed to give into his desires once in a while and – masturbate. Nothing special was needed. Some good porn and his right hand were enough.

Fortunately for him, his father was busy at the moment, reading something downstairs in the living room, so he didn’t need to fear interruption. Ludwig, his little brother, was probably in his own bedroom, either learning or reading something as well. Gilbert let out a half-snort at he thought — the blond boy was too uptight for his age. That was a fact. If Ludwig continues with this attitude, Gilbert considered either breaking off every kind of contact to him or grasping Ludwig under arms to help him become a mini version of himself. Anyone would want to be as awesome as him, right? Right.

Pushing his plans to the back of his mind for a later reference, he started the video and turned the volume down. Another snicker escaped him as he uncapped the plastic bottle with the lubricant − he liked it comfortable, mind you – and poured a small amount of the lucid substance onto his left palm. Come to think of it, it was Francis who gave it to him as ‘a present’. But, on the other side, Francis gave one to Antonio as well. No reason to bang his head against a wall. It was just Francis being his usual self.

He felt a new rush of adrenaline as the film started, and rubbed the lubricant into the skin lazily, his other hand reached for the waistband of his gray pants. He was already half-hard.

Before he got the chance to pull ‘little Gilbert’ out, a yellow parakeet budgie flattered onto his right shoulder and gave a short peep. This didn’t startle him at all, it merely caused him to give a short groan.

“Sorry, my friend, I forgot about you.” He addressed his pet, Gilbird − as he named it subtly − and leaned his head toward his pet spontaneously. He scratched the bird carefully where he knew Gilbird would like it the most. The little animal leaned back in toward Gilbert and began nipping and tugging at its owner’s pale cheek, making him smile.

Gilbert decided to bring him back into the cage before the best part of the film started.

“Let’s put you back in there, shall we?” He cooed.

After Gilbird jumped into its bird-cage with a chirp, the teen made his way to the laptop again, but not before stopping in front of the huge mirror which was located somewhere between the cage and the door to admire his own reflection for a brief second. He grinned at his own appearance. Truth to be told, he was rather handsome and he earned his looks from his father. One hand threaded in the light blond hair, disheveling the mid-long strands before a few fell into their previous place again.

Once back in the chair, he felt ready for some ‘action’. And ‘action’ seemed to be a highly appropriate term right now – the actors seemed to have started with the most interesting part. He felt himself harden further and he licked his lips in anticipation, deciding to fish out his ‘five meters’ and start the fun.

His skin soaked up the lubricant by now, but to hell with it. He could handle rough today. Finally, he closed his fingers around his member in a secure grip and started pumping.

He leaned back, eyes fell on half mast in lust. As he continued working on his erection, his right hand settled on his taut abdomen.

Gilbert managed to keep all the noises in even after a few more minutes, swallowing thickly as the familiar tingling feeling settled in his nether regions. His breaths were coming shorter. He closed his eyes and increased the grip on his member, biting his cheek to prevent himself from making any sounds when a knock on the door crushed all hopes of reaching his release.

“Brother? Are you busy?” The muffled voice from the other side belonged to no one else than Ludwig.


 Why now?!’ He wanted cry out, but he bit back his protests.

Instead, he forced himself to stop trembling in panic − his fingers did at least − and minimized the video, tucking himself in quickly. He jumped to his feet, already on his way to open the door, but something more important fell onto his mind then. He cursed inwardly and returned to the desk, grabbed the tissues and tossed them on the bed, not sure where to hide the bottle.

“Gilbert?” Ludwig’s voice interrupted his fruitless attempts to get rid of the evidences and reminded him that he still didn’t offer an answer.

“Wait a second.” He grumbled, slipping the bottle inside his backpack with a sigh before zipping it.

Ludwig was patiently waiting on the other side and he just couldn’t ignore him, but the erection was a problem. He glared at the conspicuous tent. Quick, he unlocked the door and practically jumped back onto the chair, praying that Ludwig didn’t see anything.

But he didn’t even enter.

He didn’t go away, did he?

Gilbert highly doubted. He would have said something. This meant only one thing – his brother was still waiting for an approval to enter. What a well-behaved kid. Everything their father failed to teach Gilbert was atoned with the youngest family member.

“You can come in now.” Gilbert informed, pretending to search through a folder for something.

The door clicked open and his brother stepped in quietly.

And then he closed the door which usually meant he wanted to talk about something or needed help with homework.

Gilbert turned to look at him and found his brother holding what seemed like several books to his chest. His suspicions were officially confirmed.

“Am I being a nuisance, brother?” Ludwig asked in a voice too serious for an eleven-years-old child. He came closer but hesitated to place his load on Gilbert’s desk before getting an approval to do so.

Gilbert adored his little brother. He loved the younger blond from the bottom of his heart, but while the better man inside him wanted to pinch his cheeks and tell him that he was asking silly questions, his other, more selfish side, wanted to shout at him to get the hell out of his room.

“No, you are not.” Gilbert beckoned him to come nearer and put his books on the desk, right where that bottle was until a second ago. He crossed his legs, feeling uncomfortable. “… Not anymore, at least.” He added under his breath.

Questioning blue eyes glanced up but Gilbert waved it off.

“What do you need?” He asked instead, his voice sounding colder than he intended it to be. He regretted it immediately. Ludwig didn’t deserve to be treated like that, but he shouldn’t have interrupted him either.

Ludwig watched him for few more seconds. Gilbert felt almost intimidated by that penetrating gaze and those intelligent sky-blue eyes. Ludwig seemed too mature for his age.

“Your eyes are red.” The younger one stated simply.

Gilbert scowled at him.

“Is that why you came here?” Gilbert couldn’t believe.

“No. But why do you wear contacts at home. You don’t need them, brother. Papa said—“

“Ludwig.” Gilbert interrupted, barely fighting the urge to yell out in frustration. “Say what you want or leave the room right now.”

“But it’s not healthy—“

Ludwig.” Gilbert warned.

The child clenched its fists and mirrored Gilbert’s expression, scowling.

“Can you help me with the homework? There is something I need help with.” He asked in forced politeness.

The older Beilschmidt wasn’t in the mood for this. Sexually frustrated, annoyed and still half-hard. He felt like slamming his fists against the nearest flat surface.

“No, I can’t, I’m busy right now.” How didn’t he see?

Ludwig’s scowl was replaced with a look of hurt and embarrassment mixed together. And then there were those beautiful blue eyes again and that adorable gaze that Gilbert couldn’t resist – he regretted his words.

“You said I am not disturbing you. Why did you change your mind now?” Ludwig was a bright child, really, but it was driving him up the wall sometimes.

“Well, I’m busy now, so ciao.” He stared at the screen, taking the mouse into his hand, making a mental note to clean it later. He expected Ludwig to pick up his books and go, but he simply stood there, mouse-quiet. Gilbert successfully resisted the urge to look at him again and find out what was happening.

Ludwig apparently had other plans than to go away.

“I’m going to tell Papa.” The younger one challenged.

Gilbert’s eyes widened for a second before frowning. He finally looked at Ludwig.

Get out.” The words were almost hissed out.

Ludwig took a deep breath through his nose and Gilbert expected him to give a dramatic sigh, but he did exactly the opposite.

“Papaaaaaa!” He called loudly, almost making him cover his ears.

“Why you little—“

“Brother won’t help me do my homework!” Ludwig turned to face the door as he shouted again.

The older boy opened his mouth to say something, but their father’s stern voice coming from downstairs cut him off before he even had the chance to respond.


Said son literally growled and punched his right thigh in a rather stupid and painful attempt to let some steam off.

Dammit! For crying out loud − what do you want?” He asked gruffly and looked at the blond again. Was he imagining it or was there really a small smile on Ludwig’s lips?  

“You shouldn’t curse in front of me, brother.” The younger one lectured.

“To hell with that. You won’t pick up any of those anyway.” It was the truth. Ludwig, like the good child he was, wouldn’t even try repeat his bad vocabulary. “Will you now finally tell me what you need help with?”

Much to his own surprise, Ludwig started gathering his books, one after another, and held them tight to his chest.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. I knew it from the start anyway.” And with that, he left.  


*   *   *

Ludwig closed the door of his bedroom cautiously and walked towards the stairs on tiptoe, careful not to wake anybody.

There were five rooms upstairs. Both he and Gilbert had their respective bedrooms – Ludwig’s and their father’s room on one side of the long hall, Gilbert’s on the other – there was one guest room and one bathroom.

It was one o’clock after midnight and the other two were probably sleeping, so he slipped downstairs quietly, hoping to find something − preferably sweet − to eat before going to bed. It didn’t happen often, and he wasn’t used to eating this late either, but he was caught up in that book and now he needed something to fill his tummy.

His heart skipped a beat as he reached the ground floor, two things causing this reaction. He remembered that there was one piece of the chocolate cake Papa made left – dessert he loved like no other – and he felt something furry brushing against his ankle.

“Blackie.” He whispered to his six-months-old pup, smiling in the darkness. His father let him have his own pet because Gilbert had his own and also because he had a strong sense of responsibility. And he loved this little German Shepherd Dog.

He sauntered over to the living-room, paying attention to avoid the dog’s paws, and opened it.

A surprise struck him as he realized the room was partially illuminated by the light coming from the kitchen with which it was connected.

Ludwig took few steps forward, blinking at the bright light, and peeked over the bar to see who was there, his pet followed him the entire time. He saw Gilbert sitting on the table, eating a cake and leafing through a magazine while Gilbird nibbled on seeds that Gilbert put on the table.

That was Papa’s cake he wanted.

Gilbert noticed him immediately and glanced up, their eyes locked in a stare. Neither said a word.

The dog ran towards the pair inside and barked at the bird once, forcing it fly a circle around the kitchen in panic before it found safety on top of Gilbert’s head.

“Blackie.” Ludwig scolded and the animal listened. It sat down, but never stopped wriggling its tail in excitement.

Gilbert refused to start a conversation so Ludwig decided to move and look for something else to eat instead of standing there dumbly. Before he would open the fridge, he threw one last glance at the delicious piece of cake Gilbert was eating, not noticing how the other caught his stare.

He scanned the contents of the fridge and took a bottle of milk in one hand, searching for something else that might appease his appetite for sweets. He didn’t want to call himself a spoiled child – though he was to some extent – but right now, as he wasn’t able to find anything else he desired, stubborn tears filled his eyes at the taste of defeat.

He really had wanted that damn cake.

As he pretended to search for something, Ludwig heard his brother leave the kitchen and one sharp chirp coming from Gilbird before the living-room door was closed.

He gritted his teeth in rage and restrained himself from shutting the fridge close, aware of his brother’s habits. He wanted to shout at him to return and wash his own dirty dishes instead simply leaving them on the table. Turning around on his heels with a visible pout, he stopped for a second, taking in the sight. Blue eyes widened in wonder.

The bigger part of the cake was still there, untouched, waiting for him.

Ludwig wasted another minute as he stared at the chocolate cake in silence.

Then he smiled and sat down to finish the cake Gilbert left to him.

 To Be Continued…

A/N: I planned two or three more chapters for the fic. Oh, I need suggestions for papa Germania’s name too? Any ideas?



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Recent Posts from This Journal


    I can't believe my only activity here is this cake meme. Well... I've got another one. Other than that, my new semester has begun, and my…

  • (no subject)

    So, I was supposed to go to a holiday to Croatia with my friends in a few days, but my mom is throwing a pissy fit all of a sudden because she just…

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