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I can't believe my only activity here is this cake meme. Well... I've got another one.

Other than that, my new semester has begun, and my Germany trip has ended. I want to live in Germany...

  •  pics or it didn't happen
  • all cakes must be different
  • last day of December is the headline
  • one sentence commentary allowed per cake

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Wolf's Rain - Tsume cries for Toboe

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So, I was supposed to go to a holiday to Croatia with my friends in a few days, but my mom is throwing a pissy fit all of a sudden because she just found out that one of my friends wears---a jilbāb.

I wanted to write a long entry, but I've got no energy for that anymore... I'll just say that I fucking hate the hate which comes from all homes here, hate towards the other, and intolerance for different, and I fucking hate the war, and I fucking hate to be reminded of it every fucking day...

... I want to go away from here where the youth is being contaminated with hate, I don't want to rear children here, holy shit, please just let me escape...

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

I hate you all corrupted, hate-infested nationalistic bastards who infest these countries with hostility and extremistic bullshit---so what if she's wearing a jilbab! I love her and she's my friend, I don't fucking care how she dresses, I don't fucking care about your religion, I don't fucking care about your church, I don't fucking care if you care about religion, it's your fucking private thing...

... on reflection, this is a lie.

What a beautiful place this would be if religion was a private thing.

Fuck you all (yes, mom, even you with your fucking hate).

There, I feel better now.

Sorry for all the swearing, I was just venting, don't take it personally, guys.
Edit: I think I should write a fic again, would probaby help me vent too.

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I hate essays.

What on earth possessed me to choose Sexual imagery in Coleridge's Christabel as my essay topic...? Anyway, I can't switch now, and the essay carries 40% of my total grade.

If anyone is familiar with Christabel - do tell me, I'm in dire need of suggestions.
Germancest - almost kiss

[Fanfic] 'The Past Is Gone' Prussia/Germany SEQUEL

Title: The Past Is Gone (a sequel to On the Other Side of the Pillow)

Character(s): teen!Germany, Prussia, Austria

Pairing(s): Prussia/Germany

Warning(s): sex, detailed oral sex, and sap/fluff/sentimentality (or however you wish to call it)

Summary: Prussia is ashamed of his feelings for Germany and hides them. He doesn't know that Germany is trapped in an even worse snare. He remains clueless about Germany's nightly visits to his bedroom and that he is being molested. (story taking place before the Austro-Prussian War)

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Germany fem - bikini

[Fanfic] 'Turn Me On' Germancest, fem!Germancest

Title: Turn Me On

Character(s): Germany, Prussia, fem!Germany, fem!Prussia

Pairing(s): Germancest, fem!Germancest

Warning(s): (first time) girl-on-girl, boy-on-boy, cunnilingus, fellatio, sex toys, voyeurism, swearing, vulgar vocabulary, human names

Summary: The things are steaming up between the German bros when they catch their sisters playing dirty during their absence, and they grab the opportunity to enjoy the erotic peep show.

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Nekotalia - Germany and Prussia sleeping

!Nekotalia! - Hetalia Axis Powers Blogcrew

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